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Dog Tag Registration

Thank you for choosing to register your dogs for the current year online. Please make sure you have the following information ready to complete this process:

  • Personal Information: Name, address, etc. of owner.
  • Dog Information: Name, breed, age, gender, hair color, etc.
  • Payment Information: Credit card type, number, and expiration date to pay for your tag(s).
  • Remember there is a $0.75 online registration fee for the financial transaction.
NOTICE: Do not use this site if you are a kennel. You must go to the County Office Building who sells dog tags if you want to register as a kennel. The address of the County Office Building is below.

. Dog tags can also be purchased at one of our dog tag agencies

OwnerID appears on the front of your mail reminder application. If unknown, leave blank.
If you are buying a dog tag in Stark County for the first time, leave these fields blank.
If you have multiple dogs, use only one tag number from the previous year. It does not matter which one.
If it is a lifetime tag (shape of Ohio) please inlcude the letter 'P' from the tag Example: tag number should be entered as 'P1234'. If it is a three year tag (shape of Star) please prefix the tag with the letter 'T' and remove the first '3'. Example: tag '31234' becomes 'T1234'.
Owner ID Tag Number
Last Name First Name

After clicking "Next" you will be asked to validate your account information.